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Unlocking a New Passion as a Former Athlete

As an athlete, there’s nothing in the world that can replace the feeling you had scoring the winning goal of the championship game and hearing the roar of the fans around you. You’re always trying to replace that feeling you had as an athlete and then you realize after a few years that you’re never going to replace it – it’s one of a kind. Once you realize this, that’s when you say to yourself, “OK, well, I’ve been blessed with that time. But now it’s a new time.”

Because athletes spend so much of their time dedicated to their sport at an early age, this creates a unique situation in which time has not been allocated to acquiring interests in other areas. Likely, the hardest time for all former athletes is simply figuring out what they can do after their sport. What other untapped talents and passions do you have? Former athletes transitioning into a career should say, “Although I still identify myself as an athlete, I have replaced my sport with a passion for something new, as well as a commitment to succeed in my career.”

A great example of someone who excelled at her sport and then successfully transitioned into a career outside of sports is Kerri Strug. You may remember her as the gymnast who completed her second vault on a badly damaged ankle to guarantee the gold medal for the US team in the 1996 Olympics. After becoming a national sports hero for her performance in the Olympics, Kerri Strug worked as an elementary school teacher at Tom Matsumoto Elementary School in San Jose, California before moving to Washington, D.C. in 2003, where she worked as a staff assistant with the U.S. Office of Presidential Student Correspondence. Now, Strug works in the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention staff as a presidential appointee.

Even though Kerri Strug will always have a place in her heart for gymnastics, she has found her new passion, and so can you. As a company comprised of many former-athletes ourselves, we understand the challenges that athletes face as they transition out of athletics and into a career. Athlete Connections provides opportunities for athletes to connect with potential employers and find a promising career suited specifically for them. Upload your resume today to access our one of a kind Job Board featuring employment opportunities for athletes by employers particularly looking for the inherent attributes of a student-athlete.