Athlete Connections Student Athlete Workbook:
“The Game Plan”

Athlete Connections provides a curriculum for student athletes with the tools, education, and training needed to enter the workforce. Athlete Connections has developed a curriculum, “The Game Plan” © that helps create careers for athletes by teaching student athletes life skills such as resume building, interviewing, financial literacy, career assessments, and how to market yourself.

In addition, to the aforementioned life skills, our workbook curriculum includes career exploration instruction that educates athletes about the business world. Student-athletes will learn the most effective job hunting techniques. Athletes will develop interviewing and networking skills that help them communicate more effectively with potential employers. Program participants will also be educated as to what is expected of them in the workplace. Topics such as appropriate dress, behavior and the importance of punctuality are stressed. In short, athletes participating in this program learn how to look for, find, and maintain a career.

We are currently working with the University of Florida’s Dr. Keith Carrodine and Rew Woodruff in the Champs/Life Skills Department. Our Student Athlete Workbooks “The Game Plan”© have been purchased by the University of Florida to help facilitate their life skill classes being taught for their student athletes. In a recent survey on our workbooks, given to the University of Florida’s CHAMPS/ Life skills department, 88% felt that the workbook is needed and will utilize the information after their athletic careers.

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