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I’ve Heard Sales Professions are the Best Jobs for Former Athletes – Is This True?

Most employers who are looking to fill sales positions say that they would rather hire a person who has played sports at a high level than someone who has not. This is because former student-athletes and professional athletes possess certain skills and characteristics that make them attractive for a job in the sales field, making a sales profession one of the best jobs for former athletes.

Anyone who has the drive and will power to commit to a competitive sport will have that same commitment in their future pursuits. Not only does a sport require a time commitment, but also you must commit your mind and body to your sport. You must commit your mind to push on when you are tired and your body to work through the muscle soreness. As a former athlete transitioning into the workforce, if you can have this kind of commitment in your job as a sales professional, you will be much more likely to succeed.

Resilience is another key to being both a great athlete and a great salesperson. Not every practice or game will be your best, but as an athlete, you learn to overcome obstacles and failures and get right back on your feet. The same is true about a great salesperson. You will constantly face obstacles and rejection from potential clients, but you must learn not to take it personally and to keep pushing on towards your goal.

As an athlete, you are always looking to improve yourself – whether you are practicing your jump shot or making the choice to eat healthier. This mentality, that you need to constantly improve your skills and better yourself as an athlete, relates very well to jobs in the sales field. If you’ve got this mentality as a salesperson, it can help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses and then from there, work on how to get better at your job. For example, you can figure out how to better call on leads or how to better initiate your sales pitch.

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