How We Help Athletes

The Truth

Research shows that 1 out of 100 student-athletes will have a professional career in their sport.

Because there is a transition period after the sport has ended, there is a significant need for a program to better help prepare a student-athlete for their upcoming transition into a career after leaving their sport. In fact, individuals who participate in sports devote considerable time and effort to the development of physical skills, and they derive personal satisfaction from successful competitive performances (Grove & Stoll, 1999). These unique attributes make student-athletes ideal job candidates for any employer.

How We Help

Athlete Connections addresses the futures of the 99% of student-athletes who do not go on to play professional sports and helps to find the best jobs for these former athletes.

Athlete Connections provides career solutions for those athletes who have dedicated their time, talents and efforts to their respective universities and who end their college careers unprepared for careers outside of sports. For many of these students athletes, the need to find a new job becomes a daunting task once reality sets in and the question becomes…”what now?

Athlete Connections provides an opportunity to market the well-imbedded skill sets that student-athletes posses and make them attractive to any employer for any career opportunity: Teamwork, Leadership, Goal-Directed, Balance, Achievement, Organization, Responsibility, Work Ethic, Dedication, and Confidence to name a few. These student-athletes represent a tremendous but largely untapped reservoir of young leaders who are disciplined, motivated and experienced in dealing with tough challenges and competitive situations, and who prove to be ideal candidates for career opportunities. Our work in collaboration with Universities and Colleges throughout the country is designed to advocate, expand and improve career opportunities for these young student-athletes and to increase public and policy maker understanding of their needs in transitioning into a career after sports.

What We Provide:

  • A one of a kind Job Board featuring employment opportunities for athletes by employers who are specifically looking for the innate attributes of a Student-Athlete.
  • An exclusive site, where only current and former student-athletes, may post a resume and showcase their talents and qualifications to potential employers and/or mentors.
  • Unique Student-Athlete Career Events that provide limitless opportunity to discuss internships, mentorships and full or part-time jobs with business professionals who are interested in hiring athletes.