Athlete Connections Foundation

Athlete Connections Foundation is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that is designed to utilize sports to teach youth about life skills. We do this through proven programs focused on character development and life skills education. This platform is designed to empower student athletes to reach their highest academic and athletic potential, inspiring personal excellence and excelling in their dream career.

Athlete Connections Foundations goals over the past years have been to provide fundamental life skills curriculums to educational institutions, athletic education departments, virtual schools, and student athletes around the world.

In recent years many of the youth have been drawn into nationwide problems such as crime, drugs, obesity, illiteracy and youth unrest. To help youth become strong enough to resist the pull of negative influences, Athlete Connections Foundation will provide youth with positive influences. The goal of our foundation is to instruct, educate, discipline and reach the youth through sports activities before they get into serious trouble. These activities will help build their self-esteem and prepare them for the future as an athlete or in the career world. All youth must have the opportunity to participate regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status or ability. Youth sports should be a growth rather than a limiting experience for youth in the community around the world. Youth sports should enable opportunities for families to support their children physically, mentally, and emotionally while they practice and play in organized practices and games both on and off courts and fields.

Athlete Connections Foundation provides recreational, educational enrichment programs and activities for youth that teach teamwork, build confidence, enhance character, promote responsibility and encourage participation to shape productive citizens.

Our goal is to target thousands of youth to help develop and expose their athletic talents, so youth may eventually receive athletic and academic achievements, high school diplomas, college scholarships, and work on their career goals. The impact of youth sports has demonstrated and improved our youth’s attitudes, self esteem, grades, relationships, respect for peers and elders as well as reduced crime in the community.

Teamwork, discipline, following instructions, time management, leadership, and sportsmanship are all skills that youth need to be taught on and off the playing courts and fields. The skills that are taught are designed to correlate with all life experiences and encounters. With these positive values being reinforced sports programs will continue to be a success.

Be a leader, Not a follower.

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